Why Invest in Diamonds

  • Investment diversification
  • Global diamond supply is declining while demand is increasing
  • Recent market changes open up opportunities
  • Historically less volatile than other investments
  • Investment doubles as jewellery or gift
  • Portable commodity
  • Tax friendly
  • Long-term, discrete, hassle-free

What are the risks

  • Lower liquidity than gold
  • Little change in short-term profitability
  • Lack of a transparent benchmark for assessing value
  • Large investment required: $20.000 and up

About Diamond Invest

Helping clients with diamond transactions for five generations

Diamond Invest is a service of a fifth generation diamond manufacturer and trader with an in-depth understanding of the diamond market and its evolution. We combine professionalism and diamond knowledge with a desire to serve.

Diamond Investing is an important and complex investment decision. Allow yourselves to be guided by experts.

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Antwerp Diamond Club
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